#DCMOOC Reflexions on week 2 and 3.

Digital natives need and should have support , instruction and means.
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#W2Q1 It is not easy at all to ensure that learners are critical, ethical and knowledgeable creators, consumers or participants in an environment where mobiles are restricted as well as internet access at school. Students tend to be either too risky, too careless or too cautious to the point of not participating.
#W2Q2 As teachers, we model modern approaches to copyright and creativity, where the rights of both creators and consumers are balanced and respected by speaking about it in class and by showing atttitudes regarding those issues in showcases,tutorials and guides. Most of our work in our area is done in llipped classes so advice is also given to  parents.

#W2Q3 As teachers we help students develop positive digital identities by speaking about it in class and by asking them to compose not shared about.- them activities related to adult people CVs whose interests they have in common. Much emphasis is made on the importance of responsible use of internet for the sake of clean footprints and future digital reputation.

#W2Q4 It is very easy with some Ss and not that easy with others. Ss show their upbringing in posts and sometimes they hide their identity in virtual scenarios when not monitored.

#W2Q5 In order to develop student activism schools should allow mobiles,internet access and at the same time teachers should use networks in all subjects. Thus DC could be shaped together with other literacies. 21st Century students should be taught skills that can and will be upgraded and resignified. It is not by avoiding ICT and derived issues that great goals can be accomplished.. Knowledge, mastery and mindfulness are the right tools to face difficulties and accept challenges.

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#W3Q1 In order to model appropriate use of digital technologies for students, teachers may make good use of tutorials, problem based situations, guidance on the spot of an issue or inconvenience, reflection.

#W3Q2 To develop student’ digital portfolios, I would use a Google doc as table of Contents and a livebinder to attach the resources that are related to each item.
#W3Q3 In most if not all schools in our province mobiles are restricted and internet access is very limited or restricted altogether.Policies might be improved
to support Digital Citizenship which is not an option but a must.There should be more trained teachers, controlled access to internet and devices and digital citizenship as a cross curricular topic in all areas.

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