Infographics: the Anchorage to Memorable Learning! via @edmodo Spotlight and @Pinterest ‏ #Infographics #Visuallearning.ο»Ώ,365939/

Describing Pictures and Scenes via @edmodo & @Pinterest #visuallearning #SensoryLearning .–500498/

“Music in the Air “( updated webmix) via @edmodo & @SymbalooEDU #Music.,383515/

This year’s #HourOfCode is about creativity. We are in! Are you? Thanks @microsoft for supporting @codeorg and @edmodo for allowing me to share the updated #OneNote Notebook.–408725/.

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Loss of Agricultural Lands: a Threat to the World #globaled18 #edmodo Spotlight.

This Google Slides presentation is an asynchronous scheduled event for Global Collaboration Week ( Sept 17-21st ) which will be held on Sept.20th . It can be used all year long. It contains learning goals, pieces of news, reference sites, videos , glossaries, visuals,lyrics, quotes causes, effects,possible solutions, reflections and a collaborative task on Loss of Agricultural Lands, a global issue that affects the whole world.–493260/?UTM_SOURCE=MY_RESOURCES_LIVE_VIEW


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Global Collaboration Week 2018 #globaled18.

Join our celebration of globally connected teaching and learning! Global Collaboration Week

We’ll be hosting this event:ΒΒ  on Sept. 20th. Add this event to your calendar and join all other events:Β
Global Collaboration Week P SGCW

#NotatISTE but globally connected.

Media Literacy via @edmodo & @Pinterest #medialiteracy .,488239/

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Maya Angelou via @edmodo, @emaze_tweets , @Newsela, @ReadWorks‏, @LiveBinders, @quizlet, @Genius, @gsuite #HyperDocs & @Pinterest #MayaAngelou #poetry #Softskills #stuvoice #WomenHistoryMonth.–486894/?UTM_SOURCE=MY_RESOURCES_LIVE_VIEW

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Earth Day: A Binder of Resources via @edmodo & @LiveBinders #EarthDay #EarthDayEveryday .–486344/?UTM_SOURCE=MY_RESOURCES_LIVE_VIEW

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