Maya Angelou via @edmodo, @emaze_tweets , @Newsela, @ReadWorks‏, @LiveBinders, @quizlet, @Genius, @gsuite #HyperDocs & @Pinterest #MayaAngelou #poetry #Softskills #stuvoice #WomenHistoryMonth.–486894/?UTM_SOURCE=MY_RESOURCES_LIVE_VIEW

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Thanksgiving Day via @edmodo & @LiveBinders #Thanksgiving.

This LiveBinder contains history , facts, recipes, traditions, symbols, songs, lesson plans, activities, events and assorted multimedia resources to bloomify Thanksgiving Day across the curriculum, around the world and beyond the date of the celebration. It can be used to foster critical thinking skills, promote culture awareness , develop soft skills and acquire vocabulary and grammar in context,–475750/Diapositiva1

Argentine Culture via @edmodo & @Pinterest #ArgentineCulture.–438587/?UTM_SOURCE=RECENTACTIVITYCOLLECTIONDiapositiva1.JPG

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