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Edmodo Ambassadors Year 2015

Spotlight : Edmodo curated library of recommended and created resources.



Spotlight is the global Β 24/7/365 factory of curated content to be shared , explored and reviewed. Content is the king and Spotlight a realm of inspiration through edshelves of tagged free and paid products.

This Edmodo Β Content Marketplace Β allows users to search for Β renewed , tested and quality content and Β to provide Β our best suggestions regarding resources Β we have either Β used with students or we are considering starting using them.

For us , teachers, being able to critically evaluate content and share information in Β such a global scenario is a main aspect of metaliteracy, a key 21st century skill that integrates expertise, effectiveness and professionalism. By providing and receiving feedback , our teaching practices Β improve.Curation is interest-powered, peer-supported, openly networked and socially connected to guide , mentor , inspire and gather teachers who Β may or not share common interests.Reviewing products is a multidimensional experience since it requires our skills for giving polite and constructive insights about a production and it is inspiring and informative ,too because quite often we happen to find Β Β useful tools, links and resources Β which were unknown to us .It also requires higher order thinking skills and assumes responsibility towards a network who rely on producers and reviewers Β to filter information on a specific topic.That is the reason why good descriptive titles and tagging allow good filtering .

Each Spotlight Β product is goal, skill, subject , theme or Core-Standard oriented Β which is a time saver aspect for teachers who cannot afford the time of searching for and trying a resource.

As teachers, most of our best practices and resources related to them come from the experience we have had in class. Student voice and performances Β are indicators of quality and their preferences, learning styles and expectations guide our planning and as such they are co-creators of new learning .Students’ voice and teachers’ thoughts ,ideas and suggestions are taken into account by developers Β and as a result, Β the TPCK Β & Β SAMR models are frequently seen in practice which redesigns our class management, lesson plans , assessment, and rubrics in a never -ending cycle or ideation, creation , innovation, feedback Β and improvement.

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