PenPals Schools Global Ambassador

Pleased to join this wonderful group of innovativeΒ  pioneers setting authentic scenarios for purposeful communication with global peers .

Plastic Pollution. How Can we Go and Save Greener? via @edmodo & @globaledcon #PlasticPollution #globaled17 #globalcollaborationday.–466099/

Plastic Pollution GCD cover

Global Collaboration Day 2017 #globaled17 #globaleducator

large GCDWe will be participating and hosting an event atΒ

Check out:Β


Water , a Vital Element via @edmodo , @sway & @globaledcon #GlobalEd17.–443080/?UTM_SOURCE=RECENTACTIVITYCOLLECTIONDiapositiva1.JPG

Argentine Culture via @edmodo & @Pinterest #ArgentineCulture.–438587/?UTM_SOURCE=RECENTACTIVITYCOLLECTIONDiapositiva1.JPG

Rigoberta MenchΓΊ Tum Lesson Plan via @edmodo & @sway #WomenHistoryMonth.–434805Rigoberta MenchΓΊ Tum.jpg

Global Learning via @edmodo & @Pinterest #GlobalLearning .–392517/diapositiva1

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