Machu Picchu, A Treasure from the Past via @edmodo & @versal #MachuPicchu.–481669/


A Math Toolkit via @edmodo & @SymbalooEDU #math.–392027/

This webmix contains Math -related websites, reference sites, games, encyclopedias,dictionaries, tools, converters. apps, interactives, virtual manipulatives, lesson plans ,webquests, podcasts and planning , assessment tools and other resources for different levels.Diapositiva1

Winter Themed Resources via @edmodo & @SqworlSupport ‏ #winter–381149/Diapositiva1

Springtime Ideas via @edmodo & @Symbaloo ‏#spring #springtime–383495/Diapositiva1

St. Patrick’s Day Learning Path via @edmodo & @prezi #saintpatrick .,383323/Diapositiva1

Rigoberta MenchΓΊ Tum Lesson Plan via @edmodo & @sway #WomenHistoryMonth.–434805Rigoberta MenchΓΊ Tum.jpg

Vincent Van Gogh Lesson Plan via @edmodo & @LDtool #VanGogh #LovingVincent.–434141/vincent-van-gogh-cover

CLIL ( Content and Language Integrated Learning) Resources via @edmodo & @pearltrees #TechnoCLIL.,382173/diapositiva1

William Cuthbert Faulkner via @edmodo & @Pinterest #WilliamFaulkner–429457/diapositiva1

Joan of Arc Lesson Plan via @edmodo & @versal #JoanOfArc–429325/Diapositiva1.JPG

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