Gamification and Game-based Learning via @edmodo & @Pinterest #gamification #GameBasedLearning.–444600/Diapositiva1

Water , a Vital Element via @edmodo , @sway & @globaledcon #GlobalEd17.–443080/?UTM_SOURCE=RECENTACTIVITYCOLLECTIONDiapositiva1.JPG

Universal Design for Learning and Design Thinking via @edmodo & @Pinterest #Designthinking #UDL.–442004/Diapositiva1.JPG

Conversation Rules, Features, Components, Topics & Strategies via @edmodo & @Pinterest #conversation.–439887/ Diapositiva1

Edmodo Ambassadors of the Year 2016

Poetry Realm via @edmodo & @Pinterest #poetry.–439418/Diapositiva1.JPG

Argentine Culture via @edmodo & @Pinterest #ArgentineCulture.–438587/?UTM_SOURCE=RECENTACTIVITYCOLLECTIONDiapositiva1.JPG

St. Patrick’s Day Learning Path via @edmodo & @prezi #saintpatrick .,383323/Diapositiva1

Vlogs in the Classroom & Beyond via @edmodo & @Tackk #vlogs.–436235/Diapositiva1.JPG

Experiencias de Enseñanza -Aprendizaje en Español innovadores

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