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#NotatISTE but globally connected.

Lingro translation of my blog. Customize it and click any word for definitions or translations.

🌟Online dictionaries and reference tools.


🌟Read and Listen Along πŸ—£and AloudπŸ“šResources via @edmodo #Discover and @pearltrees (Updated) #reading #readaloud #Readalong.

🌟Videos🎬 and MoviesπŸ“½οΈ for ELT via @edmodo #Discover and @pearltrees #ELT #Videos #Movies.

🌟Interactive Vocabulary and Grammar Organizer via @edmodo and @powerpoint #visualthinking #visuallearning.

It is an indexed ,editable and customizable Powerpoint presentation to be used for vocabulary acquisition , parts of speech, verb inflections , annotations, word formation, word study, dictionary skills, reading comprehension,etc across subjects and levels. Once it is downloaded, it can be added to Google Drive or One Drive or other collaborative platforms for online sharing ,comments, feedback and interactivity.

🌟Extensive Reading about Ecology in ESL Classes via @edmodo #Discover and @SymbalooEDU #TechnoCLIL for Evo #ER.

It is a webmix of leveled readers on Ecology to be used as ER practice in ESL classes. The readers have audio support.The collection includes bookmarklets for speed reading , a lesson plan , an organizer, teaching tips and a reading placement test.

Teaching Tips

This is ideal for extensive reading on Ecology and can be adapted to other topics.The lesson plan was designed as a CLIL- based sequence of activities. The level readers include other titles .

🌟Cartoons and Comics in Class : Tools and Resources via @edmodo #Discover and @SymbalooEDU #cartoons #comics #visualthinking #communicationskills #storytelling.

🌟 Spot the Difference via @edmodo #Discover and @Pinterest #Visualthinking #communicationskills.

🌟Critical Thinking, a pearl of resources via @pearltrees and @edmodo Discover #CriticalThinking🧐.

πŸš€Ever since 2012, a worth walking pathπŸ’« toward 21st Century Lifelong Learning πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“for better teaching praxis in global communities of practice 🌎 @MicrosoftEDU #MIEExpert.

Organize Success Podcast: Fred Cochran and his UDL Toolkit Binder

#UDL ,the overarching approach to reach all learners through multiple modes of representation and expression, foster multiple intelligences, boost students’ engagement and promote their agency and ownership #stuvoice.

LiveBinders Blog

We often discover great public binders on our website that we feature on Twitter, Facebook and our Featured binders page.Β  Although they have been perfect avenues for highlighting great resources, what’s been missing over the years is a deep dive into the why and how of these binders.

We’ve had the privilege of hearing great stories directly from our curators. Our Organize Success Podcast was born out of a desire to start sharing those conversations with you.Β  We think you’ll benefit from learning what our curators have already figured out from their own research and organization.

Episode #1 – Success in Universal Design for Learning – Fred Cochran’s UDL Toolkit Binder

Our very first podcast features Fred Cochran, Coordinator for Continuous Improvement and Support at the San Joaquin County Office of Education and his UDL Toolkit Binder.Β  UDL is an education framework that act as guidelines to help you…

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬Human Anatomy, Physiology and Health βš•οΈ, an updated and enhanced comprehensive #livebinder πŸ”– via @edmodo Discover and @LiveBinders #anatomy #PE #health.

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